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Want to Be Found?

If you would like the opportunity for customers to find you through the Stampin’ Up! system, please be sure you are familiar with the Stampin’ Up! Directory and Stampin’ Up! Demonstrator Locator.

Here’s the Difference:

Directory (Available to all demonstrators):  If a customer wants to find a specific demonstrator and knows their name or location, they can enter this information in the Demonstrator Directory, search, and find her demonstrator. All active demonstrators who opt in (through your Referral Policy Agreement) are part of the Demonstrator Directory.  A demonstrator does NOT need to have a DBWS.

Demonstrator Locator (Available to demonstrators who have a DBWS): If a customer doesn’t have a demonstrator and wants to find one in their own area, they can enter their address in the Demonstrator Locator. It then displays contact information of ten demonstrators in their area. To appear in the Demonstrator Locator, active demonstrators must:

IMPORTANT:  You must “opt in” in order to receive this referral benefit.  The example below shows you how to update your profile.  Please remember that the Demonstrator Locator requires you have an active DBWS.


TIP:  Sometimes, even after signing the referral agreement, a demonstrator’s info will not pop up in the searches … In most cases, if a demonstrator lets demonstrator support know (1-800-STAMPUP) know, they can go in to a demonstrator’s profile in their  system and perform what is called a “Demonstrator Locator Update.” What happens is – the feature assists in setting valid latitude and longitude coordinates on a demonstrator so that they will show up properly in the locators on the web. They will re-verify the coordinates and in most cases when they do this and “save,” the demonstrator is located without any further issues.