UPDATE JULY 14, 2020

As we’ve mentioned in past communication, the new online store is built on different infrastructure than the outgoing sites. In the past, we housed multiple services under the www.stampinup.com domain. Moving forward, the www.stampinup.com domain will only be associated with the US Online Store. Other services and platforms previously organized under the domain are being moved under a new, slightly different URL.

As part of the transition to the new site, starting 15 July, a complication will occur for those who have linked directly to images hosted on the www.stampinup.com domain. These links will break, resulting in errors where those images/links appear on demonstrators’ personal websites, blogs, etc. In addition, any links or bookmarks you may have to specific Order Entry Express (OEX) or legacy demonstrator reports (www.stampinup.com/demoreports) pages will no longer function—they will need to be updated.

The good news is that fixing links and bookmarks is relatively easy. There are essentially two ways you can address this issue and create a working link or bookmark again:

1. Edit the URL in links and bookmarks. For bookmarks, open your bookmark in your browser and manually update the URL by simply adding a “1” after “www” and before the “.”—for example: the old link/bookmark is www.stampinup.com/demoreports and now it would be www1.stampinup.com/demoreports. Adding the “1” to “www” will also fix image links.

2. For bookmarks, you can also login through the demonstrator portal (my.stampinup.com), navigate to the pages you want bookmarked, and create a new bookmark for them. As you’re likely aware, you have to be logged into your demonstrator account for bookmarks to the demonstrator website or any other demonstrator platform/services to work.

Most of the URL restructure change will be handled on the backend through redirects and other means, so you shouldn’t see a difference except in what we’ve outlined above. Having said this, we’ve never had to conduct this exact kind of transition before, and part of the reason we are starting this week is to mitigate unforeseen impact during the online store launch on 4 August. Starting 15 July, if you experience issues accessing pages beyond what we’ve covered above, please contact Demonstrator Support by calling them at 1-800-782-6787, or email them at ds@stampinup.com.