It’s time to announce the top 25 Pals performers and $1,000 in month to date sales for January 2018.

Congrats on your amazing achievements! I’m so proud!  Please visit the Facebook Pals Stampin’ Chat group to share your success stories.  We would all love to hear what made your month successful.  Not only is this a good way to “toot your horn,” it also provides inspiration to your fellow Pals.

Keep up the good work, Pals!

TOP 25 in Month to Date Sales

1 Brian King
2 Jennifer Michalski
3 Susan Itell
4 Ann Schach
5 Julie DiMatteo
6 Shannon Hillyard
7 Paula Butler
8 Mary Hanson
9 Debbie Reemtsen
10 Karen Hettling
11 Ginger Toivonen
12 Leigh Ann Crowley
13 Kylie Nicolosi
14 Edna Smith
15 Janet Tomky
16 Jennifer Sturgill
17 Jennifer Kunselman
18 Monica VanBuskirk
19 Dianne Williams
20 Melinda Torbett
21 Beth McCullough
22 Donna Hickok
23 Janie Allen
24 Sarah Craft
25 Jennifer Taylor

$1,000+ in Month to Date Sales

Brian King
Jennifer Michalski
Susan Itell
Ann Schach
Julie DiMatteo
Shannon Hillyard
Paula Butler
Mary Hanson
Debbie Reemtsen
Karen Hettling
Ginger Toivonen
Leigh Ann Crowley
Kylie Nicolosi
Edna Smith
Janet Tomky
Jennifer Sturgill
Jennifer Kunselman
Monica VanBuskirk
Dianne Williams
Melinda Torbett
Beth McCullough
Donna Hickok
Janie Allen
Sarah Craft
Jennifer Taylor
Dawn Tidd
Wendy Klein
Karen Bone
Sandra Carolus