It’s time to announce the top 50 Pals performers and $1,000 in month to date sales for July 2018.

Congrats on your amazing achievements! I’m so proud!  Please visit the Facebook Pals Stampin’ Chat group to share your success stories.  We would all love to hear what made your month successful.  Not only is this a good way to “toot your horn,” it also provides inspiration to your fellow Pals.

Keep up the good work, Pals!

1 Jennifer Michalski
2 Brian King
3 Karen Hettling
4 Kathy Naegele
5 Paula Butler
6 Gina Bridgers
7 Peggy Noe
8 Julie DiMatteo
9 Susan Itell
10 Debra Simonis
11 Ann Schach
12 Ginger Toivonen
13 Debbie Dean
14 Kathryn Murray
15 Wendy Klein
16 Dianne Williams
17 Linda Suarez
18 Tamara Beard
19 Shannon Hillyard
20 Connie Thuring
21 Leigh Ann Crowley
22 Kathy Hendrey
23 Cheryl Hill
24 Katy McGloin
25 Barbara Lustenader
26 Diane Luth
27 Wendy Smith
28 Jeanie Stark
29 Donata Pfisterer
30 Ann Murray
31 Corbi Beshears
32 Kim Robinson
33 Rae Burnet
34 Jacquelyn Beers
35 Sherry Butcher
36 Jara Williams
37 Peggy Mullenaux
38 Nancy Gleason
39 Jennifer Sturgill
40 Joyce Loshaw
41 Angela Curry
42 Janie Allen
43 Linda Ellison
44 Jane Skeene
45 Mary Lou Glick
46 Sheryl Gross
47 Shawn Spors-Jahnke
48 Pamela Sadler
49 Melinda Torbett
50 Cheryl McAskill

Jennifer Michalski


Brian King


Karen Hettling
Kathy Naegele
Paula Butler


Gina Bridgers
Peggy Noe
Julie DiMatteo
Susan Itell
Debra Simonis
Ann Schach
Ginger Toivonen
Debbie Dean
Kathryn Murray
Wendy Klein
Dianne Williams
Linda Suarez
Tamara Beard
Shannon Hillyard
Connie Thuring
Leigh Ann Crowley
Kathy Hendrey
Cheryl Hill
Katy McGloin
Barbara Lustenader
Diane Luth
Wendy Smith
Jeanie Stark
Donata Pfisterer
Ann Murray
Corbi Beshears
Kim Robinson
Rae Burnet
Jacquelyn Beers