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Tips on how to prepare for the pre-order

So here are my tips on how to best prepare for your May 2 pre-order

>> Be sure to have the new In Colors on the top of your list. Minimally the cardstock, ink pads and markers. Even if you can’t afford to add anything else these new colors will add freshness to all that you already own.

>> Divide your want list into 4 categories: stamps, bundles, embellishments, paper.

>> List in order from “can’t possibly live without it” to “I like this”.

>> Now remove the bottom half of each of those lists. I go by the theory “If it isn’t a heck yes it needs to be a no”. We don’t need anything in our studio that we don’t LOVE.

>> Work and re-work and work that list again. As you see sneak peek samples in the next few weeks you may fall in love with something you didn’t think you would like.

>> On May 2, compare your “heck ya” list to what Stampin’ Up! is offering. If it is NOT ON YOUR LIST do not be swayed to buy it. The only time I have ever regretted purchases are when I didn’t really love something but I could get it early and I caved. Those items are often a one and done for me.

>> And remember, the Holiday Catalog comes out this summer so you have about 3-4 solid months of marketing and use before the new and shiny grabs your attention.

When you place that demo order the first 2 weeks of May you will also receive a complimentary 2017-2018 Catalog. If you do not place a demonstrator during that time Stampin’ Up! will mail you one the 3rd week of May.  It goes out bulk and may take well into June to receive that catalog. You have been warned 😉

Enjoy this fun and exciting time of year!!