Quick Start is a program designed for new demonstrators to help you develop consistency in sales and to earn rewards. The Quick Start period begins on the first day of the month after the month you officially became a demonstrator* and ends on the last day of the sixth full month.

The initial Quick Start goal is for you to sell 900 CSV in your first full three months. It may help to break it down into monthly goals of 300 CSV. Average sales at an event are about 300 CSV so you could also break that down into three events. But remember, the goal is for 900 CSV at the end of your first full three months, so if it all comes in one month or at one event, that still qualifies you and you will earn 5,000 flex points.

The next goal is for you to sell 1,800 CSV in your first full six months. When you reach this milestone you will receive 10,000 flex points. You don’t have to achieve the three-month sales goal to reach the six-month sales goal, but if you are able to meet both you will receive a total of 15,000 flex points from the Quick Start Program, and that is amazing! Look over the Quick Start Eligibility Period chart to see when you need to meet the requirements based on the month that you signed up to be a demonstrator. Achieving Quick Start is a fantastic way to get your business off to a great start and to help you get in the habit of setting and reaching goals

* Any sales you make in your first partial month (before Quick Start begins) will be applied to your sales goal for Quick Start.






To learn about flex points, visit the Understanding the Compensation Plan section of Stampin’ University.


When you complete the Quick Start program (reaching the 6 month goal), you’ll also earn 25 Pals Points on me.  CLICK HERE to download and print the Pals points chart for Oct 1, 2018 – Sept 30, 2019.   Click the image below to complete the Pals points form.

>> This reward is effective for anyone who achieves quick start Oct. 1 2018 or later.  It is open to ALL PALS, in my levels 1 – 3.

>> Reports will be checked every week and people who earn will be announced as well (all three levels in my downline) on the Pals Facebook chat.

IMPORTANT TO NOTE:  Our recognition and rewards information above is based on Stampin’ Up! reports before commissions finalize for the previous month and are subject to changes made by Stampin’ Up!  In the event there is a change, error or someone is missing, please let us know as soon as possible and we will confirm and update!  Rewards are processed for advancements AFTER commissions have been finalized for the month, however you can fill out the Pals Rewards form in advance if you’d like.  Rewards are processed each month, on or about the 15th.  Redemptions received after that date will be processed the following month (on or about the 15th).  

How to Earn Other Pals Rewards & Recognition

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Hugs, Mary