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Pals September 2016 Webinar Recording & More



What an excellent call last night!  Big thank you to Brian King for a fantastic presentation and great game plan for ways to boost sales using the Holiday Catalog.


If you missed the call or would like to listen again, here is the recording as well as the PDF of the PowerPoint presentations.


For those inquiring, here is a link to my Pinterest boards as well as Stampin’ Up!’s Pinterest boards.


A link to the Easy Button presentation can be found HERE.


Here’s how to create DBWS links to your store, the clearance rack, etc… CLICK HERE. Note:  this is also found in our Pals Weekly Bulletin under “Exclusively for Pals Tools”
>>  Listen to the recording HERE
>>  View the PowerPoint PDF Presentation HERE
>>  Door prize winner, $25 shopping spree:  Karen Bone