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Pals November 2016 Webinar Recording & More



What an excellent call last night!  Thank you to Windy Ellard (and others) for helping me keep track of the first to answer the trivia questions correctly.

Listen to the recording HERE.

View the PowerPoint HERE.


Trivia Question #1:   How many cupcakes are on the Carousel Birthday ferris wheel?

A: 6  Winner:  Deb Simonis  (I think Deb is one of the few demos in the world that already has the Carousel Birthday stamp set)

Trivia Question #2:  Sheep, Bunny & Bear – Oh, My! Where can you find these cute critters?

A: Moon Baby stamp set  Winner:  Amanda Howard (Moon Baby)

Trivia Question #3:  Nine different ways to send thanks, what stamp set is the perfect fit?

A: All Things Thanks stamp set  Winner:  Windy Ellard (All Things Thanks)

Trivia Question #4:  Where can you find the word “wahoo!” in the catalog?

A: Birthday Blast stamp set  Winner:  Debbie Dean (Birthday Blast)

Trivia Question #5:  Tag, you’re it! What stamp set allows you to make 8 different tags?

A: Everyday Tags  Winner:  Karen Hettling (Everyday Tags)

** We will order the prizes on/or around January 4, you should expect delivery by January 31.