Some great ideas in our recent Pals Idea Day share.  Thanks for your ideas and participation!

The winner of the $25 shopping spree from me goes to random winner, Joyce Loshaw.

For our question:  Bonus days are proving to be a BIG success. How have you shared or will you share (or personally use) bonus days before the promotion ends Aug. 31?

Joyce’s answer was: I promoted the Bonus Days at my first ever workshop last week, and most of the orders qualified for a bonus coupon. I myself have been placing orders and have accumulated 4 bonus coupons thus far. Every time I pick up the Annual and Holiday catalogs, it seems I see something I can’t do without and place an order!

To claim your reward, you can fill out the Pals Rewards form here OR if you choose to select from the Tulip Treats (up to $50) you will want to fill out this form here.

To see all of the tips, please visit our Pals Chat group on Facebook here.   Just look for the idea day graphics or search by keywords “idea day”.

Hugs, Mary

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