Some great ideas in our recent Pals Idea Day share.  Thanks for your ideas and participation!

The winner of the $25 shopping spree  from me goes to random winner, Stacey Savig

For our question: If you could design the perfect Stampin’ Up! starter kit that EVERYONE would want to get, what would you offer and at what price?

Stacey’s answer was: People come from all walks of life, all income levels…Make the initial deal impossible to say no to! I think it would be awesome to have 3 options, something like a small, medium, and “going big” starter set. Prices 100 product of choice & 2 bonus stamps, basic black archival ink free. White paper and envelope packs 50% off. 150 product of choice plus 2 bonus stamps plus 1/2 off on markers (plus the previous ink and paper offer) 300 product of choice plus 3 bonus stamps, free stampin blends or 30% off all hot shot along with all platform bases discounted. Magnetic platform free.

Something like this… haven’t done the actual math so maybe that doesn’t work but I think you get the general idea? Basically, bonus stamps, higher discounts offered with each higher level… I know from recent personal experience the more you have in your own supplies—the more you have to show others. Someone here said people buy what they see. I believe it. I know I’d feel crippled going into my first class without all the stuff I bought- but not everyone has the option to buy a lot starting off. That first started kit should feel like you are equipped, the best deal ever, and get you excited and pumped to sell!

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