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Pals Idea Day Contest Winner – May 2

Some great ideas in our recent Pals Idea Day share.  Thanks for your ideas and participation!

The winner of the Climbing Roses Bundle* from me is Meghan Bannister!  

For our question:  How are you sharing the new annual catalog? Mailing Selector (ended 4/30)? Personally mailing? Live Event? If you aren’t using the mailing selector, do you include anything with the catalog and if so, what (samples, coupon, etc.)? I’m a BIG believer that getting new catalogs promptly in customers’ (and potential customers’) hands is one of the very best ways to market our products and the annual catalog has a 1 year shelf life!

Meghan‘s answer was: I will be handing the catalogs out personally to my card club group! Thinking of doing a “new catalog party” and having a make-n-take!  

To see all of the tips, please visit our Pals Chat group on Facebook here.   Just look for the idea day graphics or search by keywords “idea day”.

Hugs, Mary

*The Climbing Roses Bundle will be mailed to the address on your demonstrator profile.

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