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Pals Demonstrator Tip of the Week: Oct. 13


THIS WEEK’S TIP:  Demonstrator Produced Kits

Demonstrator-Produced Kits If a demonstrator is creating project kits—whether they be card kits or any other project kit–they should be careful to avoid purchasing more merchandise than needed for the kits and causing a stockpile of merchandise.

In addition, demonstrators should make sure they follow these guidelines as they build their kits:

 Kit contents must be consumable; they cannot include stamp sets, full-size ink pads, or any products that, if not sold, could be returned to Stampin’ Up!

 Kit contents cannot contain Stampin’ Up! products in its original packaging.

 Kit contents, such as card stock or paper, cannot include any pre-stamped Stampin’ Up! images.

Demonstrators should keep in mind that once they purchase Stampin’ Up! products and create their own packaged kit with those products, they have created their own product in a sense, and the products are no longer Stampin’ Up! products. As a result, demonstrators cannot return those items to Stampin’ Up! for a refund or exchange under any circumstances.