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Pals Demonstrator Tip of the Week – May 19


THIS WEEK’S TIP:  Advancing to Bronze Elite

Your Stampin’ Up! title is determined by three things: your Personal Commissionable Sales over a rolling 12-month period, the number of demonstrators who have signed up under you directly, and the titles of those demonstrators. You can see all of these statistics and much more on your reports. When you signed up to be a demonstrator you began at the bronze title. In this section we want to show you the requirements to move up to the next level—bronze elite—and the perks you’ll get with this new title.


When you sign up as a demonstrator, you receive the title of bronze. Because bronze is the entry-level title, there are really no requirements to achieve it. As you build your business, you can advance to subsequent titles by meeting the requirements listed in the Titles Table.

When you advance to bronze elite you will begin receiving the bronze elite bonus. The bronze elite bonus is a 5% increase to instant income for demonstrators titled at bronze elite and above. Demonstrators will begin earning 25% instant income the first day of the month after they reach bronze elite. However, the new title will not be finalized until commissions run for the month it was achieved. For example, if you advance on October 15, you will only receive your title when October commissions are finalized in November. But you will start earning 25 percent instant income on November 1.

Ongoing Title Benefit

You will also receive flex points for having at least the title of bronze elite. The ongoing title benefit is paid twice a year. You will receive flex points based on the title you hold in October and April each year. For example, if you are titled at bronze elite, you will receive 1,500 flex points twice a year.

Bronze O CSV 0
Bronze Elite 1,800 CSV 0 Bronze Elite Bonus
Silver 3,600 CSV 1 Silver Necklace Or Money Clip
Silver Elite 7,200 CSV 5 1 Silver CentreStage
Gold 10,800 CSV 10 1 Silver Elite Gold Necklace Or Pen
Gold Elite 14,400 CSV 15 2 Silver Elites Gold Elite Bonus
Platinum 18,000 CSV 20 4 Silver Elites Platinum Necklace Or Watch
Platinum Elite 18,000 CSV 30 6 Silver Elites Wall Of Fame
Title advancements are calculated at the end of each month and those who are advanced are notified. Demonstrators on special military override only status are not eligible for advancement. (See the Status Policy in the Demonstrator Policies document for more information.)


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