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Pals Demonstrator Tip of the Week – May 12


THIS WEEK’S TIP:  Understanding CSV (Commissionable Sales Volume)

Whenever sales are mentioned in the compensation plan, they won’t be shown in local currency. In order to make our compensation plan applicable to all markets, regardless of currency, we use a common measurement: commissionable sales volume or CSV.  CSV is not currency. It is a measurement unit by which sales are tracked. Our ordering systems and reports convert your local currency to CSV automatically.


United States (USD) 1.0000
Canada (CAD) 0.7500
Germany (EUR) 0.8403
Austria (EUR) 0.8333
France (EUR) 0.8333
Netherlands (EUR) 0.8264
United Kingdom (GBP) 1.1111
New Zealand (NZD) 0.5797
Australia (AUD) 0.6818

To convert local currency to CSV, you multiply. For example, if I sell $520 CAD, I would multiply 520 by 0.7500 and round to two decimal points.

520 x 0.7500 = 390

To determine how much you need to sell for any given CSV amount, divide the CSV amount by the factor above, depending on the currency used. For example, my quarterly minimum is 300 CSV; how much do I need to sell each quarter?

300/0.7500 = $400 CAD


United States (USD) 1.0000
Canada (CAD) 1.3333
Germany (EUR) 1.0000
Austria (EUR) 1.0000
France (EUR) 1.0000
Netherlands (EUR) 1.0000
United Kingdom (GBP) 0.7500
New Zealand (NZD) 1.5000
Australia (AUD) 1.3333

To determine the commission to be deposited into your account, use the Payout Factor associated with your country.

For example, I sold 800 CSV in one month and am at a bronze title. That means I will receive 20% instant income and a 4% volume rebate for a total of 24%.

800 CSV x .24 = 192

Multiply the number calculated above by your country payout factor (1.3333) to find out how much you will be paid in volume rebates.

192 x 1.3333 = $255.99 CAD

For US demonstrators the CSV factor is 1; there is no need to calculate.


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