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Pals Demonstrator Tip of the Week – July 30


Every week, you will see a tip that will assist you as a new or seasoned Demonstrator.

THIS WEEK’S TIP:  Group Names

Welcome to Stampin’ Up!’s Group Names page! We are providing this page to give you a look at the creative, fun, and imaginative names demonstrators have come up with for their groups. You can check here to see if the name you want is already taken and to get ideas for your own group name. Have fun developing your group name–you can see these demonstrators did!

There are a few basic guidelines to remember as you develop your group name.

  • You can submit group names
  • You cannot use Stampin’, Stampin’ Up!, Stamping Up, or any other Stampin’ Up! trademark or service mark, or any variant thereof. You cannot use any other name that sounds like “stampin” such as stamping, stamp ‘N’, “stamp and,” etc. You may notice a few group names that contain some of these elements, but those names were processed before these words were trademarked.  Other trademarked names are also not allowed.
  • Group names may not include any trademarked names as listed in the catalog under Trademark Ownership.
  • Don’t make the name too long–otherwise, the name may have to be shortened in some documents to get it to fit on a line or in the available space, and you will lose the cute pun or feeling you intended.
  • Please check this list to avoid selecting a name already in use. Two groups cannot have the same name. Be unique and creative when creating a group name.
  • If you find any misspellings, incorrect names, or missing names, please e-mail ds@stampinup.comwith the corrections.

Take a look at the names other demonstrators have created, and come up with a witty, cute, practical, or classy moniker of your own!


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