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Pals Demonstrator Tip of the Week – July 21


THIS WEEK’S TIP:  August Thoughtful Branches Class

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  • We have a Thoughtful Branches class ready for you, complete with projects and instructions! Click here to see it.
  • Your customers can redeem their Bonus Days coupons on the Thoughtful Branches Bundle. Set up a host code and let your customers know about any other products they’ll need for your Thoughtful Branches class. Include instructions for redeeming their Bonus Days coupons.

Using host codes
Not every customer can come to a workshop, but thanks to online store ordering, they can still place orders that go toward a workshop total. All they need is a host code that you provide for them.

A host code is an eight-character code that lets customers add an order they place through the online store or your DBWS to a workshop order. A host code can increase the merchandise total of a workshop, which means more Stampin’ Rewards for the host.

You create a host code in OEX. The order information screen of the workshop order has a button called “Get Host Code” that provides an eight-character code. This code is unique to that particular workshop order and applies to the host benefits for that workshop only.


  1. Create a host code.
  2. Give it to your customers that you want to invite to be included on a particular workshop order.
  3. Tell your customers to enter the code in the field under the Special Offers section of the shopping bag


  • You can create a host code anytime before the workshop order closes.
  • Customers can use the host code until you close the workshop order. Remember: orders left open for 30 days are automatically deleted by the system and any Stampin’ Rewards associated with them are lost. Also, keep in mind that if you collect funds in person for a workshop order, you must submit that order within seven days of taking the customer’s money, so the workshop order should not stay open longer than seven days after money has been collected.
  • There will be no changes to your Activity Statement. Workshops will reflect the total money paid at the workshop while customer orders will reflect the total amount paid for customer orders. The host code will not actually increase the amount of the workshop order total; it will only impact the Stampin’ Rewards calculation. The workshop order total and customer order total will remain separate on your Activity Statement.


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