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Pals Demonstrator Tip of the Week: December 22


THIS WEEK’S TIP:  Kicking of a Great Sale-A-Bration


ideas straight from demonstrators

• “Always carry samples of your work with you…This keeps you prepared for when you are at school, the bank, the gym, the post office, or shopping to meet people who may be interested in learning more about what you do. People are always curious about the project you show them and how they can reproduce it.”

“I set up a display table at each workshop with cards, scrapbook pages, tags, or any other projects that I have made for guests to see. When they see what can be done with the products, plus seeing the Make & Take projects, they want to learn more. I very seldom leave a workshop without having another party booked.”

“A personal call makes all the difference! Just ask—offer a small incentive or tell them about upcoming specials. If the type of workshop you hold isn’t flourishing, try something new. When I was looking for a business boost, I switched to an all-hands-on workshop. I called ten past hosts, explained the new plan, and seven booked for me. My month is now full!”

• “Make every event you have FUN! People book YOU, not just the product, the knowledge, or the techniques. All of those are important, but if they don’t have fun with YOU, they won’t book!”

• “Be proud of what you do and share it with everyone you talk with. Send stamped ‘thank you’ cards to your doctor’s office, dental hygienist, lumber store—anyone who has helped you with your daily life.”

“My business started to really take off when I went outside of my current customer base to look for new customers, which meant local expos and fairs.”

“Usually the most common response I get when I encourage the guest to set a [workshop] date is, ‘I don’t have my calendar with me.’ My response is, ‘Oh, that’s okay, I have mine; let’s look at a couple of possibilities and then I can call you tomorrow to double-check.’ The rate of these workshops actually occurring is MUCH higher than if I have to follow up later to set a date.”