THIS WEEK’S TIP:  After recruits join

Once a demonstrator has recruited a new team member, they must follow these guidelines:

 Demonstrators may not place and pay for orders for a team member. Once new recruits have signed up as demonstrators, they must place and pay for their own orders. Although a demonstrator may be an occasional customer of their new recruit, they, as the team leader, or other members of the demonstrator’s team, cannot place their own workshop, customer, or significant personal orders with them for the purpose of helping them to advance or otherwise get gain.

 Demonstrators may not enter their payment information in a new recruit’s Payment Profile. The new team member must enter their own payment information in their Payment Profile. Abiding by this guideline protects both parties from any possible fraud, identity theft, or tax liability issues. Payment information includes any credit card, direct deposit, and checking account information. If the new recruit is unable to provide direct deposit, credit card, or checking account information, they should contact Demonstrator Support.

 Demonstrators may not enter their own contact information in their recruit’s profile. The recruit should provide accurate contact information (including their own e-mail, address, and phone number) in their profile. If the recruit is unable to provide contact information when they are signing up, such as an e-mail address, they should contact Demonstrator Support in order to sign up.


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