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Pals Demonstrator Tip of the Week – April 7


THIS WEEK’S TIP:  What can you share from OnStage?

Wondering what you can and can’t share from OnStage? During the event, we hope that you’ll take lots of pictures of you and your team having crazy fun at the event! And be sure to use the #OnStage2016 hashtag!

We only ask that you not share photos of the display boards, catalog cover, images inside the catalog, Product Purchase Premiere items, or information regarding announcements–via text message, phone conversation, social media post, tweet, or any other way–until Monday, April 18 at 1:00 PM (MT).

We want to make sure that we keep our promise to our OnStage Live and Local attendees that they will be first to see the new annual catalog products and first to hear the most recent announcements.

We look forward to seeing many of you soon at OnStage!


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