THIS WEEK’S TIP:  Quick Start

Quick Start is a six-month program that provides a way for new demonstrators to earn rewards. When you meet a Quick Start sales goal during your first full six months, you will earn flex points. The sales goals are simple and can be achieved independently of each other.

Quick Start Program
Sales GoalPoints Earned
Sell 900 CSV in first full three months5,000
Sell 1,800 CSV (and achieve bronze elite) within first full six months10,000

The Quick Start period begins on the first day of the month following the month in which Stampin’ Up! processed your Independent Demonstrator Agreement and ends on the last day of the sixth full month. (See the Quick Start Eligibility Period Table to determine the months you can participate in Quick Start.) However, any sales that you make in your first partial month (before Quick Start begins) will also be applied to your sales goal for Quick Start.

Quick Start Eligibility Period
 If you signed up inYou must sell 900 CSV by the end ofYou must sell 1,800 CSV by the end of
 January April July
 February May August
 March June September
 April July October
 May August November
 June September December
 July October January
 August November February
 September December March
 October January April
 November February May
 December March June


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