In order to meet the minimum sales requirement*, qualifying orders must be received by Stampin’ Up! before the end of each Stampin’ Up! quarter. Stampin’ Up! quarters correspond with standard calendar quarters: January 1–March 31, April 1–June 30, July 1–September 30, October 1–December 31. When a demonstrator joins Stampin’ Up!, their initial minimum sales requirement must be met before the end of the first full quarter after they sign up. The demonstrator does not have a minimum to meet in the partial quarter in which they sign up. Any sales placed during the first partial quarter will carry over to the first full quarter requirement. When a demonstrator submits more than the minimum in one quarter, the excess amount over the minimum does not count toward the next quarter’s minimum.

*To remain on active status, demonstrators must have quarterly net sales (total sales not including shipping and handling or taxes) of at least 300 Commissionable Sales Volume (CSV) in combined workshop, customer, or demonstrator orders. (Noncommissionable items purchased on a demonstrator order do not contribute toward this minimum.)


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