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Pals Blog Hop – July 12, 2017


Before you sign up for the Pals Blog Hop for this month, consider the following…

√  Will you be available the night before and the day of the Blog Hop? This is absolutely necessary in case problems occur.

√  If traveling for pleasure or for work commitments, will you have access to your blog hop post the night before and the day of the Pals Blog Hop? Again, this is absolutely necessary in case problems occur.

√  Will you follow all stipulations for participating in the Hop? You must check all links before scheduling your post. You must schedule your post to go live the same time as everyone else regardless of time zone or site/blogging platform restrictions.

√  Do not schedule any changes to your blogging platform within the two week window prior to the blog hop. Generally these changes can go awry causing you grief when trying to finish and schedule your blog hop project. If you would like to discuss potential blogging platform changes and its effect to meeting the blog hop schedule, please contact Rae Harper-Burnet (

√  Having correct links for Blog Hop participants is vital to maintain the integrity of the Pals Blog Hop. When your link fails, the Blog Hop is broken. We are taking measures to minimize the linkage required to participate. Your diligence to maintaining the flow of the Blog Hop is key to the Pal’s success in providing a professional Blog Hop.


DIRECT LINKS TO YOUR POST are a GO! We’ve made the change. You’ll now be required to submit the Permalink (direct link to your post). We know this may be confusing for some but don’t worry, we’re here to help. Here’s an example using Rae’s last blog hop post.

√  New Direct Link to Post:

√  Old Link to Blog:

√  If your permalink includes the year and month there are a few things to consider. Click the appropriate box in the sign-up form or email Rae ( for help.

√  Hop day information (problems with your post or the hop in general) will be communicated via Email and Facebook in the Pals Stampin’ Chat Group. Changes must be made promptly on the Hop Day.

√  If you have any questions at all, please contact Rae Harper-Burnet (


Specific Details for the Oncoming Blog Hop: 

Blog Hop Date & Time:  Wednesday, July 12, 2017 at 5:30 am EST/ 4:30 am CST/ 3:30 am MST/ 2:30 am PST.

Theme: It’s a Pattern Party! – Participants feature projects using their favorite Stampin’ Up! Designer Series Paper and coordinating embellishments. (After all, color coordination is a Stampin’ Up! strength!)

Sign-Up Deadline:  Wednesday, July 5, 2017 by 12 noon EST. Due to the holiday we’re giving you an extra day to sign up. This is a firm deadline!

 How to Complete the Sign-Up Process: New Information, please read.

√  Include the full URL of your Blog Post– it should start with http://(your blog home page)/Blog post name/.

√  If you have a DBWS blog, be sure the URL will go directly to the blog post on your blog rather than the DBWS home page.

√  Confirm the spelling of your name, blog name and the link URL.

Confirmation of Participation:

√  Watch for a confirmation email from Rae Harper-Burnet ( which will ask for verification that all information provided by you is accurate. You should receive a sign-up acknowledgement almost immediately. If you don’t receive this email, you’ve probably typed your email address incorrectly in the form. Contact Rae to make sure you don’t miss important communication for the hop.

√  Your response to the email must be received by Friday, July 9, 2017, no later than 11:59 pm EST, or you will be dropped from the current hop.

√  This is a firm deadline! Changing the hop information can be painful for fellow hoppers who have set up their posts early.

Mandatory Details for Hop Participation

√  Blog Hop Date & Time:  Your blog post must be scheduled to go live on Wednesday, July 12, 2017 at 5:30 am EST/ 4:30 am CST/ 3:30 am MST/ 2:30 am PST.

√  Your Hop Project/Post:  The blog hop post should be reflective of your best work.  Pictures should be of good quality and of adequate size (largest dimension should be a minimum of 400 pixels)

√  Blog Post Format:  Follow the narrative provided below to provide a uniformed look for our Pals Blog Hop.

√  Supply Lists:  Optional Stampin’ Buddyor My Stampin’ Blog lists (and the like), if provided, must be placed after the entire Line-up.

√  Sticky Posts: Disable any “Sticky Posts” the day of the Blog Hop.

√  Personal Promotions:  Refrain from posting any personal promotions in conjunction with the blog hop.  Personal promotions are those that are not offered by Stampin’ Up!

√  Preview:  All links provided with the Blog Hop information must be previewed by each hop participant to ensure that all links are working.

√  Potential Last Minute Changes:  Be sure to check your email for any updates/last minutes details that may pop up unexpectedly.  If YOU have any participation changes, let Rae Harper-Burnet ( know ASAP so she can notify the rest of the Pals in a timely manner.  We completely understand that emergencies happen.  Letting us know ahead of time keeps the blog Hop running smoothly despite whatever curve balls come our way!

√  Assistance with Blog Post:  Please contact Rae Harper-Burnet ( for help with scheduling posts, setting up your direct post link, etc.

√  Badge:  Do NOT copy the Badge image to paste it into your blog post.  You must right click the image, select “save image as” and save the image to your computer.  The image may then be uploaded to your blog platform’s media/library.  That way, if the URLS change, there won’t be broken links later on.


 Pals Blog Hop:  It’s a Pattern Party!

*** (Hop Text:  Copy the following text in its entirety) ***

Welcome to the July 2017 Pals Blog Hop. Thank you so much for joining us today. This month we’re having a Pattern Party! Hoppers will feature projects using their favorite Stampin’ Up! Designer Series Paper and coordinating embellishments. After all, color coordination is a Stampin’ Up! Strength.

Whether you’re just starting the hop, or have come from a previous Pal’s blog, you’ll find the line-up toward the end of my post to help you move along.

(Insert your project picture and information)

Please take a minute to mark your calendar for our next hop on August 9, 2017 when our projects will feature “cuts” from punches, dies, framelits, edgelits, or thinlits. Now hop along using the Blog Hop Line-up below. Thank you so much for hopping with the Stampin’ Pretty Pals today. See you on August 9th!

Blog Hop Line-up:  

Forthcoming in an email from Rae…