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Pals 2017 OnStage Card Swap



Our swap is a simple one. You must be attending OnStage to sign up. We will have a final count for how many cards to make on October 23.  Pam will email the swappers and also post in the Pals Chat (on the thread already created).

The deadline to sign up will be OCTOBER 22 at 10 PM (EST). Last year we had around 50 swappers and I expect at least that many this year. Make sure you can commit to participating before signing up as it is not fair to drop out last minute. Believe me, this is one swap that you want to be in. The Pals are incredibly talented!


+  You must be attending OnStage to participate.

+  You must be attending the Pals Sip & Swap (Friday, Nov. 10) to participate – details on this page

+  Make sure you can commit to participating before signing up as it is not fair to drop out last minute.

+  Create a fabulous, original card that you are proud to swap.

+  We don’t put any limits on size or shape because we want your best work, whatever it might be.

+  Just make sure it is a full card, not just a card front, and uses only current product that can be purchased the day of the swap.

+  Make sure the card is well constructed and stamped neatly and evenly.

+  Please place the finished card into either one of our clear envelopes or in a cello bag if it doesn’t fit in a clear envelope.

+  Do NOT put your name directly on the card but on a piece of paper or Post It and tuck that into the clear envelope.

+  I also recommend tucking the flap instead of sealing the envelope so that we can pull out the card to oooh and aaah and then put it back in to keep it pretty.

+  You can embellish all you want or keep it simple but just make sure it is an example of your very best work.

We hope everybody who is attending OnStage will participate, especially our new Pals! Don’t be scared to sign up. No matter your level of stamping you are sure to have a great time and you will go home with so many great cards to share with your customers. If you are hesitant to sign up, please contact me (Pam Morris at and I can help you in any way to get you going.


To sign up you must email Pam Morris at by October 10.  Please don’t sign up or comment on this post. She will only be doing one-on-one communication through email, but will be leaving general comments on the Facebook post in our Pals Stampin’ Chat group as needed. Also remember that you must register for the Sip and Swap to participate.

I look forward to another fun, successful swap this year! Please let me know if I left out any details.

— Pal, Pam Morris