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Online orders and the Demonstrator Business Website (DBWS)


As of Oct. 1, demonstrators will get a full commission on on-line orders whether they have a DBWS (Demonstrator Business Web Site) or not. However, the personalized direct links that many of us use for customers to shop in our on-line store, categories like Weekly Deals or specific products ONLY take customers to WITHIN our store IF we have a DBWS (one of the benefits of the DBWS at $12.95/month). If you don’t have a DBWS, SU ignores your demonstrator number in the link and takes the customer to the general Stampin’ Up! store or product (including mystampinblog). Note that the links all include “dbws” in them to ensure this happens.

The good news (in addition to earning a full commission on all on-line orders) is that if you do NOT have a DBWS, a customer can simply login from the SU store website, select you as their demonstrator and place their order. Not quite as convenient for marketing (I love the personalized links and use them on my blog) or easy to use (a couple more clicks) but still a great way to rally extra sales with minimal work! I highly recommend you share our weekly deals and new promotions along with a link to the SU store as well as quick instructions on how to order thru you. 1, 2, 3.

1. Click the general store link.

2. Create an account (if they don’t have one) or login and select you as their demo.

3. Place their order.

IMPORTANT TIP: In order to be found when a customer places an on-line order and selects a demonstrator, please be sure you have opted IN for the Demonstrator Directory. It can be found on the demonstrator website: My Business/My Profile/Referral Policy Agreement (on the right). Only demonstrators WITH A DBWS (another benefit) are eligible to be found using the “Demonstrator Locator” (the option that let’s a customer find you based on their location). If a demonstrator does not have a DBWS, the only way a customer will find you is through the “Demonstrator Directory” (the option that requires a customer know your name and location).

NO NEED FOR A DBWS FOR THE STARTER KIT: There is a unique link available for all demonstrators to use for new team members/the $99 kit that does not require a DBWS. It takes customers directly to the IDA (Independent Demonstrator Agreement). It looks like this but you would substitute your demonstrator ID for the last 7 digits. It’s an easy way for someone to sign up on-line.

You would need to preceed the following with (changing to your own demo ID number for the last 7 digits).