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New Stampin’ Up! Year and Retitlement

For leaders with a downline, here’s what you will see on your reports to distinguish between 1 time promotions and reinstatements.

If a demonstrator retitles October 1, the title will be bold and in column I, Title Type,  it will show Retitled in bold. At the time they reinstate, it will display Reinstated in bold. Now, if I am currently Bronze Elite and I retitle back to Bronze October 1 and then reinstate to Bronze Elite October 20, the column will display the last change.  Obviously, the titles that are not bold and do not have an entry in the Title Type column, have not changed.

The word “inital” will appear as it does not in the title type column when a person promotes for the first time.

Here is a good example:


Title Type

Title Date

Gold Retitle 01-Oct-2016
Silver Elite Retitle 01-Oct-2016
Gold Elite 01-Oct-2015
Silver Elite Retitle 01-Oct-2016
Silver Retitle 01-Oct-2016
Gold Retitle 01-Oct-2016
Platinum 31-Jan-2016
Gold Elite Reinstatement 31-Oct-2016
Gold Elite Retitle 01-Oct-2016
Silver Elite Retitle 01-Oct-2016