Letter #2 – Pals on Facebook, A Treasured Resource


Our Pals private Facebook chat groups are the perfect spots to ask for stamping advice, share ideas and samples, get inspired, comment, cheer or quietly learn from the discussion.  The groups, rewards and prizes are offered to all levels of my Pals Community (level 1 – 3)!  That means your team members benefit, too, if they fall within my levels 2 and 3.  I’m on the chats daily, too!  

The Pals Facebook Chat Groups and topics are listed below.  Simply click on the links of the groups and wait (up to 48 hours) to be approved for private access. New demonstrators may need to wait until commissions finalize for the previous month before we can determine active status.

Pals Stampin’ Chat:  A very special place for both hobby and business Pals to chat about products, ask stamping questions, share advice and successes – even virtual parties and prizes.  We also discuss and rally for events and live get togethers, including our monthly Facebook Live gathering!  ALL content is confidential.  Before posting, please be sure to read the Stampin’ Up! updates or contact Demonstrator Support for general product, promotion or compliance questions. 

Pals Gallery:  Need inspiration or a place to share your projects? The Pals Gallery is our very own “show and tell” of paper crafting (cards, scrapbook pages, 3-D, and more).  Watch for the Gallery Bandit Challenge (two per month) to boost your creative “mojo” and Prize Patrol for 8 lucky participants per month.

Pals Bulletin Board:  Essentially our “want ad” section.  Advertise a new blog challenge, product share, buy/sell/trade/find Stampin’ Up! products, promote a charitable event.

Pals Polls & Prize Patrol:  You won’t want to miss this Pals favorite!  Join us for a virtual party to celebrate each new catalog launch.  Fun polls & tons of prizes!

Simply Social:  This chat is a positive, fun, social place.  Share a personal experience and/or photo (for example, kids & pets, weather check, funny story).  No religious or political commentary in this chat, please.  You may use the Pals Prayer Group to request or offer a prayer.

Pals Prayer & Support Group:  Request or offer a simple prayer of support for a fellow Pal or their close family members. Please respect the diversity and range of beliefs within our group and keep the chat positive and harmonious.

Additional Training Resources:  Get additional training and business support through my upline and coach, Lisa Pretto.

I recommend joining all the chats for a total stamping “immersion” and chance to connect with other paper crafters in our group.  IMPORTANT NOTE:  If you are listed on Facebook under an alternative name (for example, a maiden name), you’ll need to let me know so that I can watch for it and accept you in.

Please keep these discussions positive and fun.  Political and religious beliefs should not be part of the conversation and may be deleted.

SAY “HELLO!”  Visit our private Pals Facebook Chat and post a sentence or two about where you are from, who you joined under and a little about yourself.  You’ll get a warm welcome from our friendly group!

NOT A FACEBOOK MEMBER YET?   Be brave if you’re a newbie.  It’s worth the wealth of ideas, inspiration and friendship that await you!  Join Facebook here. You can simply join Facebook to participate in our private chat groups–you don’t need to manage a public page. Please email me if you need help with getting set up in Facebook.

TO TURN OFF NOTIFICATIONS & LOG IN WHEN YOU LIKE. If you don’t want to receive an email for every Facebook discussion and comment (it can be overwhelming), please follow these steps to turn off notifications.  Again, if you need help with this, I’m just an email away!

Our chats and my private stamping community are one of the best resources I can offer you as part of your demonstrator experience. I highly recommend you give them a try!

I’m here if you have any questions or thoughts to share.  Simply reply to this email!

Hugs, Mary