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Kylie Bertucci – Answering Your Questions!

BE MY GUEST!  In lieu of our September Pals Monthly meeting, we will have a guest speaker, Kylie Bertucci!  Kylie is in the Philippines but will be pre-recording a video presentation that I’ll share in advance of our meeting.  Please submit your questions (lots of them, PLEASE) here by Sept. 12th.

Kylie will answer the questions on the video as well as share many of her best demonstrator tips.  Here’s more information about Kylie.

We will post Kylie’s video in the Pals Facebook chat group on 9/18.  She will have access to the chat the week of 9/18 and can answer your questions.  How cool is that?

About Kylie:

  • Started May 2009
  • Rising star first year
  • 2012 3rd year earned my first trip. 2013 Utah, 2014 Caribbean, 2015 Hawaii, 2016 Mediterranean, 2017 Thailand, 2018 Alaska, six trips.
  • Number 7 Greek isles.
  • Started face to face. Made some changes for family and went online.
  • 250 team. 100 in the first level.
  • Last year number 8 globally and number 1 in Australia.