Welcome to the InkBig Private training group!

This group is for all members of InkBig, including of course Mary Fish’s Pals!

There are a lot of ways for you to connect, be inspired and motivated, and be rewarded for being an active part of our group!

InkBig Facebook Group Page: our page is designed for the sharing of a lot of stamping and creative ideas! You provide the inspiration by sharing what you are currently working on and I provide a lot of fun product incentives as my thank you for sharing your passion. Ask to be added here

InkBig Academy Blog: this is a public blog that I post on (almost) daily. I offer lots of ideas to make both your traditional and on line business more profitable and more fun. Be sure to subscribe via email so you don’t miss anything. Check it out here

InkBig Newsletter: each week I send out a newsletter full of ideas, tips, and tricks to help you with your on line business. Social media changes fast and you want to be in the know! Sign up here

InkBig VIP: the VIP program consists of a weekly video, along with free webinars and greatly discounted trainings. It is a FREE perk to all InkBig downline (including all Pals). Other demonstrators pay $17.95 per month for access.  Please email [email protected] to join the FREE InkBig VIP training.  You will then be provided with your login and password setup.

What’s included in the VIP program?

As an InkBig VIP you will receive an exclusive weekly training covering all of the hottest training topics:

>> traditional sales

>> social media

>> growing your customer base

>> selling product

>> recruiting

>> profitability

>> and how to make the most of all of the changes at Stampin’ Up! (there is a lot going on!)


You will also receive access to the VIP blog, which hosts trainings such as:

>> 9 webinars covering Social Media

>> 30 Day Business Breakthrough

>> Learn to Sell

>>Social Media Master Plan

>>Just Say No to Blogging

>> Compensation Plan Sweet Spot

>> More Success, Less Stress



We believe that this program will give you the best opportunity to:

>> stay informed and current

>> learn how to make the most of ALL your sales opportunities

>> grow your business both in size and profitability

>> have access to a library of training materials for you to access anytime you want

And it isn’t too late some of you feel like you are “behind” there is no such thing.

We believe the most important thing you can do for your business is START.  We are here to support you in your journey.  We are all at different places but we are all going on the same journey: building a business we LOVE, that speaks to our soul.  We want to be on that journey with you.  We want to show you the way where you might be stuck.  We want to cheer you on.  We want to be your map, your compass, and your travel companion who believes in where you are going.  And we want it to be fun, laugh and giggle with you.

Be Inspired*Be Inspiring

Lisa Pretto
[email protected]