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Once you earn a title you hold that title through the current Stampin’ Up! year.

You will also receive that level of Flex Points even though you may not be “performing” at that title.  If you want to retain your title you will want to make sure you have the requirements met the title by September 30th.

Title advancements are calculated at the end of each month. A TITLE ADVANCEMENT is when you achieve a title you have not held previously.

If you advance to a new title, but at the end of the Stampin’ Up! year you are no longer meeting all the requirements for that title, you will drop to a lower title. This is called RETITLEMENT. To avoid being retitled, you need to meet all your current title requirements by September 30 each year.

You can always regain your title. This is called a REINSTATEMENT. Like a title advancement, you can be reinstated to a title you previously held at the end of each month by meeting all the requirements for that title.

More information on titles here (log into the demonstrator website first).