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Get 2 and a FREE STAMP SET for you!


During our recent webinar, Lisa Pretto and I announced that we would be offering a free stamp set (maximum of 1 stamp set, any price) for anyone in our downlines (levels 1 – 3) who recruits TWO new members to either the InkBig or Pals communities during June. The Stampin’ Up! bonus of two free stamps sets for anyone who joins in June makes this challenge fun, easy and the best Stampin’ Up! shopping option to tempt your customers. If you feel good about selling our 10% off product bundles . . . you can feel really good about selling the Ultimate Stampin’ Up! Bundle: The $99 Starter Kit.

You can get tips and ideas from Lisa and me on how to share the $99 Starter Kit on the webinar recording HERE.


Redeem when you are ready.  

It is your responsibility to claim your reward.

Fill out the Pals Rewards form HERE.

||  Deadline to redeem is 10-15-16 ||