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Facebook notifications for GROUPS

In late February, Facebook sent a notification to many users letting them know that they were “reducing clutter by showing you fewer notifications from some groups”.

What this means for you is that you are not going to see as many of your Group’s messages … from me or other members.

Here’s what to do if you want to receive Facebook group notifications:  If you clicked on the notification it would take you to a screen where a bunch of your groups are listed and you can see that they set them all to Highlights Only, whereas you might have had them set to All Posts at one time. Which means, if someone set themselves to All Posts in your Customer VIP Group, Facebook my have just defaulted them back to Highlights Only with this notification.

You can, of course – check each of your groups manually for new updates vs. getting notifications.

Read more about notifications for groups here.

Note: If a group you’re in reaches 250 members or more (which most if not all of our Pals private Facebook groups are) – its notification setting will be set to Highlights by default. This setting can be changed later.