Want to create direct links to your on-line store for products, categories and more?  These links make it easy to direct a potential or existing customer to the products and specific areas within your store.  A DBWS (demonstrator business web site) subscription is required for them to work.

Examples below:

Your store – https://www.stampinup.com/ECWeb/default.aspx?dbwsdemoid=2026178

Bundles – https://www.stampinup.com/ECWeb/products/11700/bundles?dbwsdemoid=2026178

Clearance – https://www.stampinup.com/ecweb/products/100100/clearance-rack?dbwsdemoid=2026178

Paper Pumpkin – https://www.stampinup.com/ECWeb/category/12400/paper-pumpkin?dbwsdemoid=2026178

A specific product link – https://www.stampinup.com/ECWeb/product/146931/2017–2019-in-color-flower-buttons?dbwsdemoid=2026178  

A specific category link – https://www.stampinup.com/ECWeb/category/11400/accents-and-embellishments?dbwsdemoid=2026178 


Update the last 7 digits to YOUR demo ID#  ?dbwsdemoid=2026178   

For products and categories, you’ll need to update the product number and product name or category number and category name (for example, big shot, accents & embellishments).  You can find these by pulling up the products or categories in the on-line store.