For anyone unfamiliar with how to link directly to something in your store, you use this code, substituting the product number or category number where the X’s are and YOUR demonstrator ID for mine (the last 7 digits).  You MUST have a DBWS (Demonsrtator Business Website) for the direct links (products, categories to work).  It is one of the benefits of having a DBWS.  Even if you build a link with your Demo ID, it won’t work (will go to the generic shopping page) if you don’t subscribe to the DBWS.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  Do NOT use 2026178 after dbwsdemoid=, you need to update to YOUR demonstrator ID to link to YOUR online store.

Your store –

Bundles –

Clearance –

Paper Pumpkin –

A specific product link –

A specific category link –

Category examples:  Accents & Embellishments, Big Shot, Ink …


In an effort to improve our results in web search engines, such as Google, Stampin’ Up! will be changing how URLs appear in the online store.

This change will affect how product names and item numbers appear, as well as how demonstrators create personalized links to the store. This change will take effect on Thursday, February 22.

Please note: All previously created URLs will still work after this change is live. You do not need to make any changes to any existing URLs you’ve posted.

As you can see in the examples below, the product details in the original URL style contain more text, whereas in the second example of new URL style, the product details contain less text, and have the actual product name.

How demonstrators need to adjust links going forward is explained here:

Previously, a demonstrator would add the red text to a product page URL: id

Now, demonstrators will add the red text as follows, to the simpler URL text: id

Note that the difference affecting demonstrators is changing the “&” symbol to the “?” symbol at the end of the URL. This applies to all markets. Please contact Demonstrator Support at 1-800-STAMPUP with any questions.