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Demonstrator Tip of the Week – October 15


Every week, you will see a tip that will assist you as a new or seasoned Demonstrator.

THIS WEEK’S TIP:  Catalog Images

We’re happy to provide you with a large selection of images from our current catalogs that you may use to promote your business.

Image Downloads

2015-2016 Annual Catalog Images (763 MB)

2015 Holiday Catalog Images (308 MB)

Why Should I Use Catalog Images?

Research has shown that using imagery in your communications with your customers will increase their engagement by as much as 94 percent! In addition, visuals have a 60,000 times faster processing speed than text does-that means a person can glean more about a product from a good image much faster than reading facts about the product.

Many of your fellow demonstrators have had great success using catalog imagery to promote their classes, clubs, and parties!

How Do I Use the Catalog Images?

These images are sized for the web, and may be used on your blogs, websites, social media sites, email, etc. You may also print the images for use on flyers, up to an 8″ x 10″ size (if you try to print images larger than 8″ x 10″, the images will appear pixilated).

Please note that every image contains a watermark copyright; if you crop out the copyright, you must include a copyright in writing (i.e., ©Stampin’ Up!). Note: copyrights should use Arial or Helvetica font in black, white, or light grey, with a 6-10 point font size.

How Do I Download the Catalog Images?

To download the images, follow these simple steps:

  1. At the top right of this page, click on the catalog image file you want to use  (links are also available on the Catalog page).
  2. Choose “Save target as,” and select the location on your computer where you want to save the images. Note: the file is a zipped file and cannot be downloaded to your tablet or smart phone.
  3. Start working on your next stamping project while you wait for the images to download!

NOTE: Downloading the entire image collection could take several hours; you will need to be very patient. If you do not want to download the entire collection, you can download only the images for sneak-peek products; it is a much smaller file and will not take as long to download.

Other Important Information

  • Whichever image collection you choose to download, you must download the entire collection; you cannot download individual images. However, you only need to download them once-once you’ve downloaded them, they are available for your use any time!
  • The images are ordered by page in the catalog; the image file name includes the catalog page number.
  • The collection of images includes international imagery; if you see two images that appear to be the same, one likely has the letters “EU” (for Europe), “FR” (for France), or “DEU” (for Germany) in the file name. Some images in our international markets needed slight alterations to fit that particular market.
  • Unfortunately, Demonstrator Support cannot offer technical support or training on downloading, using, and/or altering these images.
  • These images will only be available during the preorder and catalog sales period.
  • When using these images, you must still adhere to the Internet/Website and Advertising policies as outlined in the Demonstrator Policies document.


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