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Close To Promoting To BRONZE ELITE

At Bronze Elite you would receive:

  • a 25% discount on your demonstrator orders OR 25% instant income on customer and workshop orders.
  • 5,000 Flex points at advancement and 1,500 in Flex Points twice per year. Watch a video on Flex Points here.
  • Volume rebate of 4% when monthly sales are at least $600.


You would need $1,800 in rolling 12-month annual sales to promote to Bronze Elite.  You currently have $XXX in rolling annual sales.  Click here to learn more about the benefits of promoting to Bronze Elite.  I recommend you print and keep this reference handy.

Stampin’ Up! provides reports showing your rolling annual sales and progress on advancing to the next title.  You can find this by logging in to the demonstrator website and clicking on business resources > my business > access my reports.

I’m here to help if you have questions.