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#bandit13 challenge winners – July 2017


Congrats to the Pals (listed below) who redeemed in time (by August 13th) for the July Baker’s Dozen Challenge loot! 

Hearts & Stars Elements (144215)

PLEASE REMEMBER that these items will not arrive until approx. 4 – 6 weeks AFTER the redemption date (the 13th of the month following the challenge) because all Bandit rewards are ordered together after the deadline and need to be re-shipped to each individual Pal.  For example, if you qualified for the July #bandit13 challenge, you can expect your “loot” to arrive mid to late September.  Watch for details from the Bandit on new challenges starting in September.

LOOK FOR THIS GRAPHIC — IT’S IN THE MAIL!  A post will always be shared in the Pals Facebook Gallery group when the bandit Baker’s Dozen items are “in the mail!”


Alene Humphrey Jeanie Stark Pamela Nash
Amanda Howard Jeannie Frank-Bergquist Pamela Sadler
Angela Richwine Jessica Lin Patti MacLeith
Ann Murray Jessica Wilson Rachell Richman
Anne Perez Judy Palmer Rae Harper Burnet
Anne-Marie Schofer Karen Ferguson Renee Trommler
April Sarandrea Karen Hallam Robin Daus
Beth Enderle Kathy Spurgeon Ruth Petsel
Bridget Trefethen Kitty Miller Shannon Hillyard
Cary Twight Laura Schollaart Sharon Ballard
Cheryl McAskill Lisa Ann Bernard Shila Froehlich
Christine Grosh Lisa Ma Stesha Bloodhart
Corinne Blake Lisa Mowry Su Mohr
Dawn Hallett Lisa Steele Sue Jackson
Deb Chestnut Marcelyn Churchill Tamara Klomp
Debra Simonis Marcy (Marcella) Dorsch Tammy Beichner
Doreen Buckmore Mary Dunlap Tracy Baird
Edna Elisha Smith Mary Hanson Tricia Chuba
Elisa Saucier Meredith Kratt Trisha Beccard
Jackie Diediker Michelle Quinno Twila Hughes
Janet Helbert Nancy Cheng Windy Ellard
Yvonne Rawson

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