SURPRISE!  The Bandit Baker’s Dozen Challenge is BACK for the month of February!  Grab your paper, stamps and ink!  The Pals Gallery Bandit is on the loose and is looking for your “works of art” in our private Pals Gallery on Facebook.  He knows the Pals Gallery becomes an even greater resource to “swoop” paper crafting ideas the more we create and share!

Meet the Bandit Baker’s Dozen Challenge!

February giveaway:  Whisper White 1/4” Organza Ribbon*

Deadline to redeem 3-13-18

Click here to see the rest of the Bandit challenge line-up



  Do your thing!  Create an original card, tag, 3-D project, gift idea.

  CASE.  Copy And Share with Everyone!   Replicate something you love in the catalog, saw on Pinterest, discovered in My Gallery or elsewhere. Feel free copy it exactly or add a twist of color, tweak the layout or introduce a “pop” of your own.

  My Inspired by Color board on Pinterest is loaded with fresh and pretty color combinations to get the creative wheels turning.



  Starting the first of each month, upload photos of at least 13 (a Baker’s Dozen) NEW (“new”, meaning created in the same month as the challenge) projects a month to the Pals Gallery.  Feel free to upload more!

  Spread them out over the month in anyway you like.  You could even do them all the same day.  It’s up to you!

  Submit your projects individually, one post/photo at a time rather than a group of photos at the same time.  It’s easier to view and you’ll get more comments and exposure this way, too.

  NOT INCLUDED:  Paper Pumpkin will not be counted for the challenge unless you substantially alter a Paper Pumpkin project.

  Multiples of a substantially similar project do not count as additional projects.  For example, 50 ghiradelli holders would count as ONE of your 13 or more for the #bandit13 challenge.

  The challenge ends the last day of the month at 11:59 p.m. (MT).

  IMPORTANT!  Include the hashtag #bandit13 with each upload.  That will allow you to search for Bandit challenge projects later.

  TIP: A suggestion (vs. requirement). For your own purposes, you may want to upload with your #bandit13 cards a note with the MONTH as well as the submission number. Please don’t include this in the hashtag, however (leave a space between the hashtag and the numbering system). For example #bandit13 Feb. Card 1 (or #bandit13 1-Feb) would be the first card you submit in#bandit13 February.  #bandit13 2-Feb would be the second card submitted inFebruary. This would be for YOUR own tracking purposes (so feel free to do what works for you) and will help you track by month. You are on the “honor code” for redeeming each month and redeeming your loot for at least 13 submissions.




  Those who upload at least 13 projects during the month will earn the Bandit “loot” by completing the Pals rewards form HERE.  The form must be submitted NO LATER THAN THE 13th OF THE FOLLOWING MONTH.  We place one large order to reship to qualifiers so cannot make exceptions to the deadline, please.

  You should receive your “loot” approx. 4 to 6 weeks after the submission deadline.

*we may need to substitute if an item is unavailable or on backorder.

  Please note this is a new challenge and rewards program and is subject to change or termination as needed.

Hugs, Mary