Do you know your existing Stampin’ Up! title?  Do you know the requirements and benefits if you reach the next step?  The chart below is an excellent summary for determining this.

Your title is determined by your activity in three areas.  As you reach certain landmarks in these areas, you will advance to higher titles:

1.  Personal commissionable sales over a rolling 12-month period

2.  Number of direct demonstrators

3.  Leadership in your direct level

Get a closer look at the Stampin’ Up! Compensation Plan here.

To find your current title, go to the demonstrator website.  Click on My Reports (under Business Resources, MY QUICK STATS at the bottom right of the demonstrator web page or your name).  Here’s an example under my name.

Once you access My Reports, click on Activity Reports and Title Detail.  You’ll find your Title Summary, Progress for Title Advancement (to reach the next title) and Personal Title History.

There are eight demonstrator titles.  I recommend you click and print your current and next title.

I’m here to help if you have any questions or need advice.  Best luck in your Stampin’ Up! journey.