Groups for the members of InkBig, run by Lisa Ibinger Pretto (our upline and a direct sales coach and trainer).

Groups are available to InkBig levels 1 – 3 and Pals levels 1 – 2)

InkBig Community Facebook Page:  This is a great way to share your love of stamping and papercrafting with other people who will get it.  I also offer lots of fun challenges for you to earn free product, we share card making inspiration daily, along with providing answers to questions and exclusive resources.

Craft Fairs, Stampin’ Style:  I am a huge fan of craft fairs as a way to share your passion and network with other crafty folks. I have created a Facebook group in which people share their projects, booth set up and logistics of running a successful craft fair.

InkBig Academy Stamps VIP:  this group is for anyone on my team and my customers. I share an exclusive project each day, along with weekly challenges and giveaways. If you are looking for even more of a push to get in your stampin studio, this is the ticket!

InkBig Challenge Group:  if you are thinking of making this more than a “get a rockin discount” opportunity, then I recommend joining the InkBig Challenge Group. Each week we take on a challenge intent on helping you grow your business. With over 1000+ demos world wide in this group it is a great place to learn what others are doing as well as keep yourself moving forward.

InkBig Tutorial Co-op:  A Facebook group for InkBig Members participating in the InkBig Monthly Tutorial Co-op.  Each member is responsible for uploading a proofed Tutorial using the template provided by the 25th of each month. When you upload your tutorial you will then be eligible to download all the tutorials for that month.