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7-Step Marketing Strategy for On-Line Extravaganza



My 7-Step marketing strategy for the On-Line Extravaganza. This is one of the biggest sales opportunities during the SU year. You are welcome to do the same or create your own that fits better into your personal business. Be sure you offer a link to your on-line store (via DBWS) in any communications or step them through the simple steps to order on-line through you if you don’t have a DBWS. You get a full commission either way (awesome change in the new compensation plan)

  1.  Nov 20: Send newsletter to my customer base to build excitement along with pdf of what will be on sale (DS has confirmed it’s OK to share now). I want them to be ready (wish list planned, armed for 24 hour flash sale) first thing on Monday to purchase while supplies last. You could accomplish this with email, live, phone, Facebook or other forms of social media, too. I’ll also include a host code.
  2. Nov 20: Do a special post to build excitement with my reader base. Include sale flyer.
  3. Nov 21 & 22. Mention On-Line Extravaganza coming as part of normal post. Include sale flyer.
  4. Nov 30! Plan to use a product from the sale on my Mojo Monday Project and promote sale kick-off. Promote 24 hour flash sale.
  5. Promote on blog posts throughout the week. Try to focus on using sale products (new or past projects).
  6. Monday, Nov. 30. Send newsletter to my customer base reminding them it’s the last day and final 24 hour sale.
  7. Monday, Nov. 30. Post Mojo Monday card using sale product and do reminder for 24 hour sale and LAST DAY!