Lisa Pretto recently shared this excellent article about the future of direct sales! It’s very, very positive and makes great sense in a market where buyer habits are rapidly changing (especially with retail on an obvious decline). 

The following is an excerpt from an email from John Sanpietro. It further validates what is happening.

First, the trend in the industry now favors independent and online business owners over large, brick and mortar franchises. The big, retail establishments are out. Smaller, more flexible businesses are in! And so is online selling!

Second, there’s less competition than ever before. Even among online sellers, there aren’t as many fighting for the same customer dollars as there used to be.

Third, the opportunities for marketing and exposure for little or no money continue to increase. You can now reach, literally, thousands of people without spending a dime. And you can reach tens of thousands of people for next to nothing.

Finally, consumer interest in paper crafting is just as intense, if no more so, than ever before. People LOVE this stuff! And that isn’t going away any time soon!  The truth is, it has never been EASIER to be a profitable stamping business owner than it is today.

Is it different now than it used to be?


Does the landscape change faster than before?


But that’s just doing business in the 21st century.

The upside of that is the opportunities are greater than ever, and if you’re fast and flexible, you can take advantage of them.