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Pals Holiday Catalog Stroll





All Pals members (my team levels 1 – 5) are invited to our Holiday Catalog Party!

Subject:  Pals Holiday Catalog Stroll, Polls & Prize Patrol
Date:  Thursday, August 20 2015
Time:  7:00 – 9:00 PM CST

BE SURE TO READ!  We are doing things a little differently this round so that more Pals can participate in the fun.  I’m so excited that there will be TWO WAYS to PARTY:

1.  PALS VIRTUAL HOLIDAY CATALOG STROLL, THURSDAY, AUG. 20.  Let’s VIRTUALLY stroll page by page through the holiday catalog together using AnyMeeting.  I’ll share my thoughts on the new products and we can use the AnyMeeting chat to share yours! Please register for the Virtual Catalog Stroll at the “Register Now” link below.  Tips for the best experience on attending a virtual meeting are below.  Polls and prize patrol will NOT be during the virtual meeting this year — instead they will be open ALL week (details below) — woo hoo!  Party ON!


Reserve your seat now by clicking here.

8:00 PM EST
7:00 PM CST
6:00 PM MST
5:00 PM PST

2.  NEW!  NEW!  NEW!  PALS POLLS & PRIZE PATROL FACEBOOK GROUP.  PARTY ALL WEEK LONG!  Polls will be added daily to an exclusive Pals Polls & Prize Patrol Facebook Group starting August 17 and running through August 21.  I’ll add daily polls and pull random winners (2 per day) from the comments and polls for prize patrol.  The polls will be an invaluable tool for spotting trends on which stamp, tools and accessories will be both fun and smart investments.


CLICK HERE TO JOIN OUR PALS POLLS & PRIZE PATROL FACEBOOK GROUP NOW! IMPORTANT!  It  may take up to 48 hours to allow you into the group, so please join right away so there is no delay for you to join the fun during party week!


Click here to review system requirements for AnyMeeting (before the meeting, please).  Please keep in mind that using a wireless connection, iPad/tablet or iPhone/smart phone may not give you the best possible listening and viewing experience during the meeting. A wired connection is recommended.  If you are on a wireless connection, you may experience poor connections and drops.  Please do not interrupt the call with communication issues (distracting for others as well as me), UNLESS you are on a wired connection. Thanks.