What are 12-Month Rolling Sales?

Rolling 12-month personal sales include commissionable sales from workshop, customer, and demonstrator orders (commissionable items only) from the current month and the previous 11 months. Since the current month is March 2017, your rolling 12 month sales would include the last 11 months (April 2016 – February 2017) PLUS March 2017.

Where do I find my rolling sales?

Under business resources, my reports, access my reports, activity reports, activity detail >>  Your rolling 12 month sales total and breakdown by monthly sales is shown on the “ACTIVITY DETAIL” report (bottom half of the report).  Be sure to note that when a new month begins, the previous 11 months changes (one month drops off).  In April, rolling 12 month sales would include the last 11 months (May 2016 – March 2017) PLUS April.

Get a boost!

12-Month Rolling sales can boost your discount/income from 20% to 25%, beginning with the title of Bronze Elite.  It can also affect your title with Stampin’ Up!

Bronze Elite Bonus based on Title (Compensation Plan Document Page 12)

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Title Table includes the Rolling 12 Month requirement to advance to Bronze Elite and receive the Bronze Elite Bonus as well as requirements for other titles.

(found in the Compensation Plan Document Page 8).