SMILE! Here are my 10 top card photography tips. Good photography is a critical for engagement on blogs, Pinterest, etc. and it doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive. Please feel free to share your own ideas or ask questions with a comment below. There are many options and mine are always getting tweaked.

1.  I use my iPhone 6s, not a special camera. If you prefer a camera, use it!

2.  My “stage” is a cutting board. The trend for a wood background right now is lovely but remember, plain white, black, or a coordinating color background can be beautiful, too.

3.  These are the inexpensive clamp lights I clip to the shelf above my stage. I use 3 of them with daylight bulbs.

4.  At the suggestion of Brian King (and inspired by Shawn de Oliveira), I use a small block below the card when it’s laying flat to give it a little depth.

5.  I like the look of both flat and upright photos but have been rolling with flat lately, mostly to try something new.

6.  Look your card over closely before photographing to be sure everything is straight, no adhesive or “runaway” ink marks are showing and remove any stray kitty hairs.

7.  I take photos from several angles, usually 5 to 10.

8.  A lined envelope in one of the photos adds color, a coordinating DSP pattern and is a simple upsell of paper, envelopes and the envelope framelits dies.

9.  Photo software (I use Photos on my Mac but PicMonkey and others are free and easy) allows me to crop and add a touch of highlight to brighten, if needed. Don’t go too crazy with adjustments and have the colors become wonky. Be sure to leave space around the card to “frame it.” I common mistake I see is cropping too closely.

10.  My watermark functions as advertising more than a protection of work. Be sure at least your web address is on your photo and prominent. Also add “Images © Stampin’ Up!” if you are using Stampin’ Up! products (that’s advertising, too).